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  • Enterprise Spirit
    Loyalty -- loyalty to the enterprise, loyalty to the mission, honesty and trustworthiness
    Diligence -- study hard, work hard and serve faithfully
    To advance -- to think, to think, to do
  • Management Idea
    Responsibility -- to create value for customers, profits for the company, prospects for employees, and prosperity for the society
    Excellence - with enthusiastic work attitude, high quality work level, high efficiency of work performance, to provide customers with warm services
    Innovation -- continuously develop new and high products and guide the benchmark of the industry
  • Management Concept
    Strict - strict word in the first place, abide by rules and disciplines, objective and fair, order and prohibition
    Norms - there are rules to follow, responsibilities and rights clear, clear procedures, operating standards
    Efficiency - responsive, quick in decision making, decisive in execution and striving for excellence

  • Working Standard
    Unity - Bearing in mind the overall interests, sincere cooperation, pooling strength and win-win development
    Pragmatic - pragmatic, improve efficiency, clear rewards and punishment, cohesion
    Enterprising - Firm confidence, hard work, in times of peace and security, innovation and development
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  • Business Department Address:8 Union Road, North District, Hudai Industrial Park, Binhu District, Wuxi City
  • M/P:Ms.Liu(181 0152 3390)
  • TEL:0510-85582717-808
  • EMAIL:liujunru@wxpat.com
  • WEB:www.wxsuyi.com
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