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Mechanical plastic shell production capacity and its production materials
Mechanical plastic shell is based on product requirements to set the thickness and color of the plate, as well as the pattern of the plate, the texture of the plate, the hardness of the plate are the needs and the requirements of blister products. It is very advantageous to provide the thickness of the blister and the size of the board. ABS board, PVC board, PP board, PE board, PC board and so on can be processed and produced, and the thickness of the blister processing can reach more than 2cm.


Mechanical plastic shell processing pattern shape to customize processing, dark grain, light grain, grass grain, spiral grain, straight grain and so on can be produced and processed. The color can be customized. Black and white plates are common blister plates. If you have specially customized colors, you can customize them in a certain number of cases; if the number is small, you can spray oil after blister forming to produce the plate color you need.


PVC material is generally merchants widely choose to use, its advantage is that the price is relatively moderate, and the thickness of complete specifications. APET is an environmentally friendly material with high transparency, smooth and glossy surface, and good resistance to high and low temperatures.


PP material is a comparative advantage of the material that can be heated in the microwave oven. Polypropylene resin (PP material) is rich in raw materials, light texture, strong performance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy recovery and other characteristics, is widely used in the world at present, the output growth value of one of the fast resin.


PS material is hard and brittle, this kind of material can mix various dyes to produce different colors, can meet the need of beautiful packaging; PC material is a colorless transparent and qualitative thermoplastic material. Wool planting is to add a layer of wool on the raw products, which can be produced according to the demand. This material is generally suitable for the packaging of high-end products, with certain softness on the hand, which can effectively prevent the scratching of products.

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