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Machine mechanical plastic shell coating technology and maintenance
From the past practical experience, mechanical plastic shell commonly used coating technology there are two, one is the mold coating technology, that is, the use of electrostatic coating will paint(It's mostly powder paint)Paint the inner wall of the mold, and finish the surface coating of the plastic parts at the same time when the plastic mold is pressed. Due to the plastic molding temperature is higher, is conducive to the coating curing, the mold itself roughness is very low, therefore, the coating surface is very clean, high gloss.


There is also an in - mold injection coating technology, after the mechanical plastic shell molding, the mold slightly raised, high pressure injectionIMC(Intradermal injection paint), high pressure closing mould, makeIMCFully extended, hardened and moulded, the plastic surface is very smooth, it can get high quality decorative products at a lower cost, and the moulded parts can be immediately packaged or sent to assembly, very convenient.


2New technology used in the coatings are solvent-free coatings, homework without organic solvent in the process of sending out, and no environmental pollution, the coating efficiency is very high, to avoid the heavy coating operation, no special coating equipment, along with all the complete coating in injection molding, technology is very reliable, da should be the development direction of machinery plastic housing industry, plastic coating, should give close attention to.


A preventive maintenance approach must be adopted for critical mainframe mechanical plastic enclosures. That is to carry out normal maintenance of the equipment, can use for a longer period of time, which requires that the equipment should be regularly or irregularly according to the plan to carry out necessary tests, adjustment of refueling, replacement of vulnerable components and other maintenance work, in order to avoid equipment due to some small faults damage more valuable parts.


For general equipment, repair when broken. Firstly, the fault phenomena are analyzed to determine the source of the fault, and then the fault components are repaired or replaced step by step by using a certain testing method. Preventive maintenance methods must be used. That is to carry out the normal maintenance of the equipment in order to use for a longer time.

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