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The application of low pressure perfusion in medical mechanical housing is strictly required
The shell of medical machinery is usually carried out by low-pressure perfusion. Low-pressure perfusion is used to produce simple molds, such as aluminum mold, resin mold, ABS mold. Resin mold is more commonly used, because resin mold is cheaper than aluminum, and the speed of mold making is faster.


Low-pressure perfusion is suitable for small batch trial production of the product development process, this type is mainly used in automobile industry, and small batch production of large products and product structure is relatively simple and uneven thickness of plastic products production, this type is mainly used for medical products similar to the medical car shell, shell of the instrument, reagent equipment shell, car bumper, car hood, etc.


Because the number of these products is often not too large, if the injection mold is opened, the cost will be relatively high, and many products need to change the product structure design to be able to injection. Injection molding mainly adopts open steel mold to produce large quantities of products on beer machine. Injection molding is suitable for products with relatively small size, and the output of products will be large.


Medical machinery shell processing technology is the key technology that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process of sheet metal products forming. The processing steps of medical machinery shell include processing basis, cutting cutting, bending, rolling, local processing, processing equipment and new technology, etc.


From the basic principle of processing, technological process, the use of materials, through blanking, blanking and melting, bending, roll bending and bending, rolling spinning and swelling and other processes, until a variety of processing equipment and new technology, are produced by the actual parts, typical components and common equipment to complete.


In addition to strict requirements in the production process, it is required to be independent of the quality inspection of production, one is to strictly check the size according to the drawing, the other is to strictly check the appearance quality, the size does not conform to the repair or scrap treatment, appearance is not allowed to scratch, color difference, corrosion resistance, adhesion and so on after spraying inspection.

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