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The rolling molding process is applicable to a very wide range
The vast majority of plastic molding processing technology, in the process of molding, plastic and mold are under high pressure, such as the application is very wide range of injection molding, compression molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc., so the application of these large plastic parts molding process production, must use a lot of pressure to bear a mold, not only make the mold becomes heavy and complicated, but also need to design, manufacture plastic molding equipment is very strong, tools and processing manufacturing difficulty increases accordingly, cost increase.


On the contrary, due to the strength of the roll forming process requires only the frame to support material, mould and the weight of the frame itself, and to prevent the mold closing force of material leakage, so even if rotomolding large and super large plastic parts, also need not use very heavy equipment and mold, the processing and manufacturing of tools and very convenient, short manufacturing cycle and low cost.


Because the rolling mold is not affected by external force, so the mold is simple, low price and easy to manufacture. In addition, the rolling molding equipment also has a greater mobility, a rolling molding machine, can not only install a large mold, can also arrange more small mold.


It can not only mold parts of different sizes, but also can shape products of different sizes and shapes at the same time, as long as the rolling plastic products with the same raw materials, products of the same thickness, can also be rolled plastic molding at the same time, so the rolling plastic molding process has greater flexibility than other forming methods.


Each time the materials are added directly to the mold, which makes all the materials enter. After the products are taken out from the mold, they are added to the materials needed for the next molding. Therefore, when we need to change the color of the products, there is no waste of raw materials, and there is no need to spend time cleaning the machine and mold.


When we use more than one mold to form the same plastic products, we can also add different colors of materials in different molds, and roll out different colors of plastic products.

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